vineri, 16 septembrie 2016

Sovata - the countryside

Just ”next door” to the elegant, wooden-laced architecture of the Sovata resort lies the rural looking part of the city.

On this side, one shouldn't look for refinement. It is rather a relaxed feeling, in touch with nature and unspoiled, simple beauty. Silence, fresh air, green grass, mountains, unsophisticated splendor.

luni, 12 septembrie 2016


The old city of Brasov dates back to the XIIIth century. It was colonized by people of German origin. The architecture of the old city reminds of the German style and the medieval settlement. It is a gorgeous mix of modern urban lifestyle, elegant Habsburg architecture and atmosphere and a slight medieval feeling.

sâmbătă, 10 septembrie 2016

Sibiu - Astra National Museum

 The Astra Museum in Sibiu is the largest ethnographic museum of its kind in Europe. In the woods outside the city, behind old trees and between 2 lakes, spreads a collection of priceless traditional houses and households from all over Romania.

Once you step inside its beautifully sculpted wooden gate, you step back in time, in the heart of the traditional Romanian village. You can wander along the small, narrow, dusty streets between wooden fences and peak inside small traditional houses inside the life of old Romanian families.

The most interesting fact is that the houses are genuine, brought from their original places and re-assembled within the park. The objects are the real ones used by people, many of which can still be found even today in the countryside households. Entire houses, schools, workshops, wind and watermills can be admired and stepped into, just as one would step, as a guest, inside these people's homes.

It is hard to describe the amazing feeling of walking inside this almost forgotten world; "Mesmerized" would describe it well.

luni, 5 septembrie 2016

Sibiu - the old city

Each time I visit Sibiu, I discover something new, charming and surprising. The energy, the atmosphere, the charm - hard to resist its alluring calling.