Red and salty lakes

Sometimes we come across natural wonders that become part of the usual scenery and we tend to take them for granted. Take for example the crushing of a mountain. An entire mountain, with rocks and century old trees. On the sight of that crushing a lake is formed. Years later we can still see the trunks of those trees coming out of the water, like taking a breath and waiting for something. It is a waiting feeling around. Everything is still. Except for the humans. They are the ones coming and going in a continuous rumour. Yet, getting on the very edge of the Red Lake, silences them. The old tree trunks ask for us to be quiet. And look around. And be amazed of what lies in the horizon, subject to our ignorance.

It is called the Red Lake. A name contradicted by the intense green reflected by its waters. But he keeps its name with obstinance, to remind of the old copper mountain lying in the depth of its waters. 

Not far from the Red Lake there are some more special lakes. Special not in name and history, but in the quantity of salt they contain. When bathing, one can actually float due to salt concentration. Good for body and mind all the same. Surrounded by woods and mountains, they make all your bad thoughts go away.


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