Autumn light in Croatia. Porec.

First time in Croatia. Two words: simple and impressive. These words usually don't go together, but reality proved otherwise. I was impressed by the simplicity and good taste of what I saw around me.

Porec or Parenzo is a small city on the coast of the Adriatic see, in the North of the Istrian Peninsula, just across the sea from Venetia. It is an ancient settlement. Once a Roman Castrum, the city later became part of the Venetian Republic for more than 500 years. This period marked the architecture and style of the buildings which are so well preserved in the lovely old city. Later, in the 17the century, the Habsburg Monarchy took sovereignty over the city. 

When walking through the narrow streets of the old city or along the beach, it strikes you how everything is nicely put in place; not too much, not too little, beautiful without being luxurious, organised and well built, but respecting and valuing the natural. Balance. This is what I felt wherever I turned in that small Croatian town. 

Everybody knows that Mediterranean colours are special: vibrant, warm and in harmony. And so they were here, under the autumn light. Warmth, contrast, full colours. Even the tiny pebbles seemed prettier in this light. 

Pine trees on the beach, olive tree orchards, lagoons, sailboats, splendid old houses, delightful new ones, amazing sunsets, seagulls, light houses. All in small and cosy Porec.  


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