Charming Paris - streets of Marais

Even under a gloomy sky, Paris casts its charm. The streets hold untold stories, inviting imagination to see all sorts of drama or comedy with the passers by as main characters. Old buildings stand along modern design, classic brands shake hands with trendy ones. There is harmony in contrast.

You can't help yourself feel elegant, no matter what you wear. The chic streets bear your foot steps with elegance, no matter the shoes. Elegant walls provoke you to spread out a dancer's posture, no matter how heavy the backpack. In Paris one feels....Parisian.  In Marais - one feels just distinguished and relaxed.

It's easy to lose track on Marais' busy streets. Luckily a red brick building just aside an almost Medieval one is a good marker to not get lost. 

Riding a motorbike or scooter is always practical and exciting. Still, the streets of Marais deserve a nice, long walk. Too many walls to lay your eyes on, rather on the road.

Frenchmen love their classics. And what better place for a real classic, than Marais?

If you pay enough attention, you can spot some hidden gems beyond windows. Just like those light disco-like globes in an old apartment, right behind an old street lantern. 

Elegant vintage in various forms. With a touch of green.

Guerlain and the love for linen. I don't know if they usually match, but here they go perfectly together.

Just lose yourself on the streets of Marais and dear to imagine, to think the unthinkable; no one will judge you, everybody does it. It's in the air.

Among the 16th century buildings, this red brick one is almost like a statement of what Marais stands for: trendy relaxed elegance.

A pinch of colour to spice up the atmosphere.

Unexpected reflections to mirror history. Discreet, yet distinguished.


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