Charmed by Montmartre

Montmartre is a special place on its own. Once it was even a small village on a hill outside Paris; now it's part of the city's core. But, stubbornly, it remains a different, special spot, outside "classical" Paris and still so much part of it. Hidden jams are all around, you just need the eyes for it. Bohemian, romantic, creative, free, charming....words that describe bits of Montmartre and the whole of it.

Simple, stylish architecture in all its greenery.

 I've passed by this house some dozens of times and still feel charmed by the looks of it. No matter how many photos I take, I still can't capture its story properly. Naked eye is what it needs to be understood.

The kind of "Yes! I made it!" feeling when you are on top of this beautiful city. View with windows; and inspiration.  

The relaxed, bohemian spirit of Montmartre is sensed best around its charming terraces. You may think "of course, tourists are always relaxed", but if you take a closer look, you notice a lot of chillin' locals. How can you not feel good here?

Simply poetry. And a good workout. 

Montmarte is full of characters. Everyone coming here has a special "je ne sais quoi". Pigeons included.

In Montmartre everyone speaks "street art" language. No need for translation. 

 Montmartre is definitely a state of the spirit. 


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